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Sunrise Lagoon Necklace Collection

Sunrise Lagoon Necklace Collection

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ūüí¶ Waterproof & Tarnish-Free

Materials: Stainless Steel


  • Square Pendant: 16.5+2 inches (41.91+5.08 cm)
  • Heart Pendant: 17.5+2 inches (44.45+5.08 cm)
  • Butterfly Pendant: 450mm+50mm (17.72+1.97 inches)
  • Round Pendant: 16+2 inches (40.64+5.08 cm)

Allergy Information: Nickel-free & Hypoallergenic

Description: The Sunburst Signet Pendant Necklace Collection, available in four distinct styles, combines elegance with a touch of whimsy. Each design, whether square, heart, butterfly, or round, adds a unique charm to your ensemble.

Styling Tip: Choose a style that resonates with your personality or outfit. These pendants are perfect for layering with other necklaces for a trendy look or wearing alone for a more focused statement.

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